Matt Sivertsen                               Kevin Carton                 Rob Baner         Kameron Rummans

Formed in 2003, Minus Six is a piano-driven music group based out of Moline, Illinois. An original band that derives a full sound through the unique instrumentation of piano, bass, saxophone and drums, Minus Six has spent the better part of the last 15 years performing hundreds of shows across the Midwest. By  2006, the band had broken into the regional bar and college circuit, allowing a seamless transition from playing local coffee house gigs to performing cities across Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin, as well as major events at colleges in the region, including Augustana College, St. Ambrose University, University of Iowa, Loras College, Concordia University, Palmer College, and the University of Illinois.

To date, the band has recorded 6 projects: 5 studio albums and 1 live album, the most recent being Up Top the Storm, a 10 track studio project scheduled for release in December 2018. According to Carton, who serves as the group's songwriter, Up Top the Storm will offer a cohesive maturity not yet heard on previously released projects. “Up Top is the first time that, as a songwriter, I intentionally sought to capitalize on the strengths of each band member,” he says. “You’ll hear Matt play every saxophone under the sun, shred an improvised tenor solo in Slap in the Face, and even play the flute on Reach to the Light. Kameron is heard taking lead vocals on verses that align more naturally with his voice, and also sings lead on the album’s signature ballad – which he could not have executed more flawlessly. And Rob, per usual, brought his creative genius by once again navigating the group through tricky transitions, strategically planning percussion overdubs to further the sound’s contextual element, and – perhaps most surprising in its contrast from other, previously released work – serves as supporting vocalist in a few songs."

As for his own contribution to the project, Carton adds "It wasn't until writing Up Top the Storm that I started noticing how the last 20 years of processing my life experience through songwriting has instilled in me a unique skillset for the craft. I’m hopeful that those most familiar with our work will notice the subtle nuances embedded in the structure, music and words that make each song. That said, I'm also pleased with the variety that listeners will experience. From a couple quintessential Minus Six-feeling songs and musical overtures to digitized synthetic pop and stripped ballads that reveal the grit behind the words sung, this project has something to offer everyone. I hope…”

Minus Six has taken two hiatuses since first forming in 2003 – several months in mid-2010 while Carton studied in Africa and again from mid-2011 to mid-2012 while Carton taught English in France. Former members of the band include Jamie Hopkins and Tyler Kaschke, both former drummers.

Minus Six takes its name from its lack of six string guitar, a standard instrument in today’s popular genres.