Minus Six


Up Top the Storm

Released in 2018, Up Top the Storm is Minus Six's fifth studio project. The 10 original tracks (written by Carton) were recorded at Terrarium Studio in Minneapolis this past August, reflecting a fusion of pop, rock, vaudeville jazz and show tunes. 

Up Top the Storm offers listeners variety. From quintessential Minus Six-feeling songs and musical overtures to digitized synthetic pop and stripped ballads that reveal the grit behind the words sung,

When asked about the title Up Top the Storm,Carton adds, “I’m sure it means something different to each of us as individual artists, but I see it signifying our music serving as an escape from society’s torrential consumerism and greed-driven political era. By stepping into the music, one is rising above the storm to see and feel the warmth of the sun and the brightness of the clouds from up top.”