Minus Six
Kevin Carton


I haven’t changed, except that which is expected with the evolving of my being

I’m no different from a child’s mind that’s molded through the visions he is seeing

The blood is rising higher

Now my palms can feel the fire

You’re asking to myself will I remain?

I’ll stand my ground

Acknowledge beauty all around

I’ll fight to find myself through all the pain


I’ve never been inside another person’s mind encountering their world, living in their dreams

Should two souls collide, I wonder what they’d find

A sense that we’re all lost, growing immune to neighbor’s screams?

We’re trying to stay a hold

Constantly doing what we’re told

I’m thinking to myself we need a change


I can see the blade

And we’re dangling by a string

3, 2, 1… we’re tumbling


So you have the desire to be playing with fire?