Orion's Belt

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


There ain’t nobody

There ain’t nobody out there, I can tell you this

I traveled the world searching the perfect kiss

Crossed deserts, climbed mountains searching high and low

I found more goodbyes than I did hellos

The one place it exist, I can’t travel to

I can’t turn back the clock to when I had you


Hear me, I can’t keep it in

I’m needing you near me, boy, I’m craving your skin

Look within before we go without


Refrain: What I wouldn’t give

What I wouldn’t give to be back, wandering off of the path

Where the dandelions sprinkle the grass

The dark brown forest; your eyes

There the secret still lies

I keep asking myself why we didn’t survive

Now the moment’s gone

The song ended wrong and I don’t believe we that we don’t belong

The moment’s gone, the song ended wrong

I lost your eyes



Time will disappear

Like grains of sand in your hand, it slips right through

Before your hand’s empty you won’t feel them move

Girl moves in, boy moves out, you still feel so unsure

You find that you lost what you were looking for

Then it hits you and it beats you, drags you to the floor

Until you want to be somewhere you can’t go no more


No, no, the door is shut

You’ve got a sinking feeling in the pit of your gut

You’re stuck in a rut; I’ll pull you out (refrain)


Now, anytime I see Orion’s Belt I think of you

And the stars we gazed…

If with each thought of you a flower grew

We’d walk those fields for days and days on end

I miss my friend.