Minus Six
Kevin Carton


We can stay up late and drink some wine

It’s time you hear what’s on my mind

The power’s out

There are more important things than paying bills on time

Now the paint is chipping off of the walls in this old loft

As the candle dances, rest your eyes

I’ll play my music soft


Having been alone so long I’ve sought solace writing songs

With enlightenment, I’ve construalized a world where I belong

Letting go, I freed my past

Built a stage and hired a cast

As you walked onto the set I knew I’d found my star


At last your solo swells

The spotlight yells “This is the lead! See how she’s glowing?”

Never knowing as you’re carried by the pit below

You steal the show


So here it is, I’ll lay it out

Remove the mask that hides the doubt

Having wandered from the path

I’ve struggled clearing my own route

While I’ve tripped along the way

I’ve kept trekking everyday

Hoping in the end our eyes would meet


Then you’d fall for the stray

Who thrives on the humanities and falling leaves

And chasing all those crazy dreams

Now here we are

Don’t be afraid to let it be

Stay with me


I see you’re growing sleepy

Off to your dreams, I’ll sing sweetly

Rock-a-bye, let soothing waves of reverie

Drift you to sea.