Lucid Dreaming

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


Close your eyes and hold your palms to mine

Destinations one must not define

Together we’ll distill our veins

We’ll dream until we reach divine


Now that I’ve arrived, it’s time for you to show yourself

Whisper me the secrets from this world unexplored

A strange familiarity, this goblet placed in front of me

Come out and, together, let us drink this wine you’ve poured (ooh)


Refrain: I can feel your eyes; I can feel your eyes

Let the cradle made of green rock us as she sings

We’ll drift away, still wide awake

Come out from where you hide


You should be smiling; you’ve made it this far

I’m here to help you find your way to Nosirrom’s star

Poetically he’ll guide you through a world you’ve seen before


Turning the page, it’s time you learn

Now you’re not smiling, that’s my concern

Take some time, go unwind

Expand your knowledge, lose your mind

Trust me, there’s much left here to explore


Do you ever feel afraid?

The light is pulling you fast

Once you look into his eyes you’re requesting that he reveals your past

Nosirrom will find you soon

Fare thee well, my friend

This is the beginning of the end (refrain).