Let Me Come Around

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


Someday when I have you for myself

I’ll play you the piano and then we’ll turn the lights low

You’ll dance for me and no one else

Your silhouette will guide what the music will provide

The melodies will carry you as you twirl all around

Showing me that nothing’s wrong

You’ll know where you belong

When I play you your song


Refrain: Please baby, please baby, won’t you let me come around

You’re in my head, now I’m having trouble getting you out

It’s kinda nice; you’re the only thing worth thinking about

Please baby, won’t you let me come around


Tonight we’ll sneak into the auditorium

To prove what lovers on a stage alone can overcome

Without a set, without a script, just you and me

Acting out a show no audience will ever see

We’ll live in our imaginary land

Where every dream is welcomed

And the scenes are never planned

We’ll live for love

We’ll live for life ‘cause we can

Yes, we can

Then, as you take your bow I’ll clap and sing of how you shine

And I’m your biggest fan (refrain)


When you look in my eyes you see me

I realize what could be when two lives with one need

Come together

Now I think it’s time that you and I come together (refrain).