Le Jongleur

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


Your majesty to my delight you’ve asked me to perform tonight

To sing you songs about faraway places I have traveled

And, you’re expecting, I’ve no doubt

A show that you can brag about

Instead, it’s time you come down from your throne to taste the gravel

Now that I have your attention, can you spare a couple minutes?

Let me tell you about your kingdom and the people who are living in it


You think there’s music, think there’s laughter

Lots of happily ever after’s

Completely unaware of the conspiracy prepared

You’re highness, how they want you dead

And of course, you had no idea after all those compliments you’ve been fed

I think it’s time you know the truth

They say you’re weakened by your youth


People are talking; you have too much control they say

I hate to inform you, but I figured that I’d warn you before they came

Let me tell you how it started, it began with the war

Everyone would ask what you were fighting for

Power hungry, they’d say

“If only there were more soldiers,” you had said

“It would ensure we’ll with our enemy dead”

Obedient servants obeyed


We left the power in your hands

You guaranteed we’d keep our land

Proclaiming we’d have what it would take

Your highness, you’ve made a mistake


You must be down; you took off your crown

You still have time before they come around

Hurry, before it’s too late

This morning there was an episode

About a mile from your castle, on a dusty road

My body growing weak, I laid down my load

As I was offered wine to celebrate


I asked the man to inform me the occasion

He spoke how you’d be overthrown with an invasion

Exclaiming that they have what it takes

You know, I hate to say this your highness but I feel like you made a mistake






He led me to a field full of peasants who were gathered in a circle

They were chanting and waving their pitchforks in the air

You could tell they were ready for a battle

Some were drawing out logistics

While others were on their knees in prayer

They’re prepared


Late in the night, when clouds hide the moonlight

They’ll arrive

They’ll get what they crave; they’ll bury you in your grave

Still alive


They’ll attack your front gate with a small brigade

The rest will be hidden, waiting to invade

Throwing your soldiers off guard

When the back post is clear, an angry mob will appear

You’ll understand your final hours are quickly drawing nearer

How unfortunate you are


There’s no time to pack your things

You hear the clock, eight strikes it rings

We’re both aware the sun is going down

Off to your carriage, hurry and leave town


You now understand they’ll reclaim their land

Power equally divided to every man

Your obliged servant gives you his sword

Before you go, though, I must plead

I’m a struggling jongleur with a family to feed

And now I’ve saved you’re life, such a noble deed

It’s only fair I receive my reward


Let me stay in the castle to claim what I deserve

You know, I heard about the riches you’ve got locked up your reserve, lady

What’s this you say to me?

You’re saying it’s the key?

You won’t regret the day we met

Fare thee well, now you must flee


She said she wanted entertainment, little did she know

In the comfort of her home I put on one of my best shows

A fish, she took the bait

But she’ll return it won’t be long

By then it will be too late

She’ll return to find her riches gone and

I’ll have gone astray

Wealthy from my one man play

Years from now they’ll still know my name

Teaching your kids about the jongleur who tricked our queen and got away.