Minus Six
Kevin Carton


Look left, look right, we’ve done it tonight

Just keep your grip and I’ll hold you tight

The pretty party people with the paint put their face on

The feathers in their hair, have their leather and lace on

The music, music shakes the floor

Now the love is soaking out of every pore

The lights illuminate the smoke that lingers above us

The found don’t get it, but the lost ones love us

Eyes are closed and our hands are raised

Souls are breathing and our minds are dazed

Mixing colors as we dance, intertwining

Inch by inch, we will keep on climbing, boy.


Refrain: You don’t know, honey

You don’t know how it feels

When the lights are low and music’s bumpin’


Breathe in deeply, feel the pulse

Turn the heat up and spice the salse

My hands, they hold your hips, your hair is hiding your blue eyes

They take in your surroundings and will shut with the sunrise

The skin is sweaty as our spirits dance

They take us out of body, giving us the chance

To chase away the demons that are growing inside us

Tomorrow no longer will they be able to ride us

Let the cleansing chemicals commence

Rip the chains off and hop the fence

Before you land on the green grass of the other side

We’re going to spread our arms and enjoy the fly (refrain).