Feet Stompin'

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


Late summer has finally come

The harvest is lush; praise the rain and the sun

And the way they sang their duet in key

As the season, she lies down to rest

We’ll give thanks for her offerings in what we do best

Grab your banjo, guitar, your tambourine

As the sun goes down and the stars appear

We’ll smoke our pipes and we’ll spill our beer


Refrain: Where there’s music

There’ll be dancing

There’ll be big bulbed Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling

A big red barn, where we’ll forget who we are

With our hair down and our feet stompin’ like mad


As the music, it pours from our soul

We’ll all push the rock till it starts to roll

We’ll shuffle left and we’ll boogie woogie right

Surrounded by friends, we’ll all feel complete

Some shirts will fall and some lips will meet

I’ll grab your hand and I’ll pull you in tight

There’s a reason that they call me the crazy child

So give me a smile if you’re feeling wild (refrain)


The music’s in a furry, now my consciousness is blurry

It’s transporting me back into time

I was eight and they were thirty and their music, gritty dirty

The sensation started prickin’ my spine

There were times when I would stay up late

Feel the music in my body resonate

By best friend’s daddy’s band practicin’ downstairs

Their feet were tappin’ in their shoes

In dives they’d play the rock and blues

With an SOS my soul went up in flares

One day we all learn music saves

We feel the pulses come in waves

We see the light, we leave our caves

We drop down to our knees in praise (refrain)


And now it’s kickin’ in; I feel warm

In fact, these vaudeville tendencies cause dependencies

Pour me another jack and darlin’ turn the music up

We all wanna sing, feel the light on our skin

Offer up your sound

All your friends are found; wrap your arms around them

It’s magic we are making when its music we’re creating among friends.