Minus Six
Kevin Carton


So you have the desire to be playing with fire

By now I thought you would have learned

Hope you can handle the heat, so immune to defeat

Go on light the match, my back is turned

But don’t you come crying to me when you get burned


Refrain: Did you think it was worth it?

Did it make you feel alive?

Anything it takes to get you higher

Fool me once, shame on you

Shame on me now you’ve fooled me twice

I’m closing the door, can’t take this anymore

Playing with fire you’ll get what you earn

Burn. Burn, child. Burn.


To think I thought I tasted the honey

Believed the bear, he sees all as funny

He’s lickin’ his lips, on the attack

I’ll catch the beast because I’ve traced his tracks

My rifle is loaded, my feelings eroded

His time here is done

Though he may act tough, I’ll call on his bluff

Just aim, shoot, and I’ve won

Don’t think I’ll be waiting to start celebrating

Tonight I’ll be hosting a feast

We’re roasting the beast (refrain)