20 rue Barbazan

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


20 rue Barbazan is where you’ll find me

On the balcony, the shutters opened wide behind me

A tiled roof above me, wishing someone would love me

Like my lips love this cigarette, babe why haven’t you found me yet?

At 24 years I packed up my keys

Moved, here to the country known for wine and cheese

People kiss my cheeks, spend vacations at ease

It’s a nice home for an artist ‘cause it really helps the harvest


Refrain: It’s a big world

How do you know where you’re at

If you don’t take time

To put some pins on the map?

If you can’t because of money, honey, stop with the jokes

Because I’m happy as hell but I’m broke

History’s our creation, we all need inspiration

Yeah, you wanna have it?

Just reach out and grab it

Clocks will keep on tickin’, the fruits ripe for the pickin’

It’s time

So be lost or be found

Scan the sky, hike the ground

Sail the length of the ocean, explore overseas

Start a new chapter, full of laughter and red wine and cheese


Ici, on ne peut pas parler en anglais

You’ve gotta learn new expressions so you know how to say

Je veux fumer une cigarette

Madame, avez-vous un briquet?

Puis-je avoir un cendrier?

Monsieur, l’addition, s’il vous plait

Learn it’s who you’re with, it’s not where you are

Spend your year walking, don’t you drive a car

Backpack many countries, learn the meaning of far

Because soon the journey ends, go tell your family and your friends (refrain)!


Kumasi and Accra! Oui, je les ai vus déjà

Then there’s Machu Picchu, where history will greet you

Thailand and Japan, in Liverpool I’ll hold your hand

The ruins, coliseum, babe you know you got  to see them

Stone hedge, the great wall, the pyramids, the Taj Mahal

Eiffel tower, wildlife, the red light district late at night

Open up your mind, let your soul breathe

Save up your pennies, buy a ticket with me