Minus Six
Kevin Carton


There ain’t nobody

There ain’t nobody out there, I can tell you this

I traveled the world searching the perfect kiss

Crossed deserts, climbed mountains searching high and low

I found more goodbyes than I did hellos

The one place it exist, I can’t travel to

I can’t turn back the clock to when I had you


Hear me, I can’t keep it in

I’m needing you near me, boy, I’m craving your skin

Look within before we go without


Refrain: What I wouldn’t give

What I wouldn’t give to be back, wandering off of the path

Where the dandelions sprinkle the grass

The dark brown forest; your eyes

There the secret still lies

I keep asking myself why we didn’t survive

Now the moment’s gone

The song ended wrong and I don’t believe we that we don’t belong

The moment’s gone, the song ended wrong

I lost your eyes



Time will disappear

Like grains of sand in your hand, it slips right through

Before your hand’s empty you won’t feel them move

Girl moves in, boy moves out, you still feel so unsure

You find that you lost what you were looking for

Then it hits you and it beats you, drags you to the floor

Until you want to be somewhere you can’t go no more


No, no, the door is shut

You’ve got a sinking feeling in the pit of your gut

You’re stuck in a rut; I’ll pull you out (refrain)


Now, anytime I see Orion’s Belt I think of you

And the stars we gazed…

If with each thought of you a flower grew

We’d walk those fields for days and days on end

I miss my friend.

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


Late summer has finally come

The harvest is lush; praise the rain and the sun

And the way they sang their duet in key

As the season, she lies down to rest

We’ll give thanks for her offerings in what we do best

Grab your banjo, guitar, your tambourine

As the sun goes down and the stars appear

We’ll smoke our pipes and we’ll spill our beer


Refrain: Where there’s music

There’ll be dancing

There’ll be big bulbed Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling

A big red barn, where we’ll forget who we are

With our hair down and our feet stompin’ like mad


As the music, it pours from our soul

We’ll all push the rock till it starts to roll

We’ll shuffle left and we’ll boogie woogie right

Surrounded by friends, we’ll all feel complete

Some shirts will fall and some lips will meet

I’ll grab your hand and I’ll pull you in tight

There’s a reason that they call me the crazy child

So give me a smile if you’re feeling wild (refrain)


The music’s in a furry, now my consciousness is blurry

It’s transporting me back into time

I was eight and they were thirty and their music, gritty dirty

The sensation started prickin’ my spine

There were times when I would stay up late

Feel the music in my body resonate

By best friend’s daddy’s band practicin’ downstairs

Their feet were tappin’ in their shoes

In dives they’d play the rock and blues

With an SOS my soul went up in flares

One day we all learn music saves

We feel the pulses come in waves

We see the light, we leave our caves

We drop down to our knees in praise (refrain)


And now it’s kickin’ in; I feel warm

In fact, these vaudeville tendencies cause dependencies

Pour me another jack and darlin’ turn the music up

We all wanna sing, feel the light on our skin

Offer up your sound

All your friends are found; wrap your arms around them

It’s magic we are making when its music we’re creating among friends.

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


Close your eyes and hold your palms to mine

Destinations one must not define

Together we’ll distill our veins

We’ll dream until we reach divine


Now that I’ve arrived, it’s time for you to show yourself

Whisper me the secrets from this world unexplored

A strange familiarity, this goblet placed in front of me

Come out and, together, let us drink this wine you’ve poured (ooh)


Refrain: I can feel your eyes; I can feel your eyes

Let the cradle made of green rock us as she sings

We’ll drift away, still wide awake

Come out from where you hide


You should be smiling; you’ve made it this far

I’m here to help you find your way to Nosirrom’s star

Poetically he’ll guide you through a world you’ve seen before


Turning the page, it’s time you learn

Now you’re not smiling, that’s my concern

Take some time, go unwind

Expand your knowledge, lose your mind

Trust me, there’s much left here to explore


Do you ever feel afraid?

The light is pulling you fast

Once you look into his eyes you’re requesting that he reveals your past

Nosirrom will find you soon

Fare thee well, my friend

This is the beginning of the end (refrain). 

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


Look left, look right, we’ve done it tonight

Just keep your grip and I’ll hold you tight

The pretty party people with the paint put their face on

The feathers in their hair, have their leather and lace on

The music, music shakes the floor

Now the love is soaking out of every pore

The lights illuminate the smoke that lingers above us

The found don’t get it, but the lost ones love us

Eyes are closed and our hands are raised

Souls are breathing and our minds are dazed

Mixing colors as we dance, intertwining

Inch by inch, we will keep on climbing, boy.


Refrain: You don’t know, honey

You don’t know how it feels

When the lights are low and music’s bumpin’


Breathe in deeply, feel the pulse

Turn the heat up and spice the salse

My hands, they hold your hips, your hair is hiding your blue eyes

They take in your surroundings and will shut with the sunrise

The skin is sweaty as our spirits dance

They take us out of body, giving us the chance

To chase away the demons that are growing inside us

Tomorrow no longer will they be able to ride us

Let the cleansing chemicals commence

Rip the chains off and hop the fence

Before you land on the green grass of the other side

We’re going to spread our arms and enjoy the fly (refrain).

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


If I could kiss you

Maybe I would find no need to miss you

All the thoughts inside me would stop spinning around your orbit

Landing safely on the launch pad of my core

But if our lips lock and resonate within me hidden low tones

Drowning the dried rivers of my soul with flowing ecstasy

We’d sail those waves till we reached sea, us two

Pain or glory, there’s no story

Just a blank page and a pen


Refrain: Tonight when all the world is dark

I’ll lay the blanket in my yard, come find me

On every star I’ll make the wish that

In this ocean I’m your fish

You’ve snagged me and given me something to

Believe me the one thing I crave is your touch

It’s rare that I find myself opening up this much

Now, there’s one thing to do

Here’s to our debut

I was wondering if you’d…


I’ve come this far and I haven’t been treading water just to drown

So when we’re both lying there on the ground, looking up

That’s when I’ll test our luck

With your lips and

With your looks and

With your love

You’ve got me hooked

Now, I’m asking you to reel me in (refrain)


Should our lips lock and resonate within me hidden low tones

Drowning the dried rivers of my soul with flowing ecstasy

We’d sail those waves till we reached sea, us two

If I could kiss you.

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


I haven’t changed, except that which is expected with the evolving of my being

I’m no different from a child’s mind that’s molded through the visions he is seeing

The blood is rising higher

Now my palms can feel the fire

You’re asking to myself will I remain?

I’ll stand my ground

Acknowledge beauty all around

I’ll fight to find myself through all the pain


I’ve never been inside another person’s mind encountering their world, living in their dreams

Should two souls collide, I wonder what they’d find

A sense that we’re all lost, growing immune to neighbor’s screams?

We’re trying to stay a hold

Constantly doing what we’re told

I’m thinking to myself we need a change


I can see the blade

And we’re dangling by a string

3, 2, 1… we’re tumbling


So you have the desire to be playing with fire?


Minus Six
Kevin Carton


So you have the desire to be playing with fire

By now I thought you would have learned

Hope you can handle the heat, so immune to defeat

Go on light the match, my back is turned

But don’t you come crying to me when you get burned


Refrain: Did you think it was worth it?

Did it make you feel alive?

Anything it takes to get you higher

Fool me once, shame on you

Shame on me now you’ve fooled me twice

I’m closing the door, can’t take this anymore

Playing with fire you’ll get what you earn

Burn. Burn, child. Burn.


To think I thought I tasted the honey

Believed the bear, he sees all as funny

He’s lickin’ his lips, on the attack

I’ll catch the beast because I’ve traced his tracks

My rifle is loaded, my feelings eroded

His time here is done

Though he may act tough, I’ll call on his bluff

Just aim, shoot, and I’ve won

Don’t think I’ll be waiting to start celebrating

Tonight I’ll be hosting a feast

We’re roasting the beast (refrain)


Minus Six
Kevin Carton


Someday when I have you for myself

I’ll play you the piano and then we’ll turn the lights low

You’ll dance for me and no one else

Your silhouette will guide what the music will provide

The melodies will carry you as you twirl all around

Showing me that nothing’s wrong

You’ll know where you belong

When I play you your song


Refrain: Please baby, please baby, won’t you let me come around

You’re in my head, now I’m having trouble getting you out

It’s kinda nice; you’re the only thing worth thinking about

Please baby, won’t you let me come around


Tonight we’ll sneak into the auditorium

To prove what lovers on a stage alone can overcome

Without a set, without a script, just you and me

Acting out a show no audience will ever see

We’ll live in our imaginary land

Where every dream is welcomed

And the scenes are never planned

We’ll live for love

We’ll live for life ‘cause we can

Yes, we can

Then, as you take your bow I’ll clap and sing of how you shine

And I’m your biggest fan (refrain)


When you look in my eyes you see me

I realize what could be when two lives with one need

Come together

Now I think it’s time that you and I come together (refrain).

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


20 rue Barbazan is where you’ll find me

On the balcony, the shutters opened wide behind me

A tiled roof above me, wishing someone would love me

Like my lips love this cigarette, babe why haven’t you found me yet?

At 24 years I packed up my keys

Moved, here to the country known for wine and cheese

People kiss my cheeks, spend vacations at ease

It’s a nice home for an artist ‘cause it really helps the harvest


Refrain: It’s a big world

How do you know where you’re at

If you don’t take time

To put some pins on the map?

If you can’t because of money, honey, stop with the jokes

Because I’m happy as hell but I’m broke

History’s our creation, we all need inspiration

Yeah, you wanna have it?

Just reach out and grab it

Clocks will keep on tickin’, the fruits ripe for the pickin’

It’s time

So be lost or be found

Scan the sky, hike the ground

Sail the length of the ocean, explore overseas

Start a new chapter, full of laughter and red wine and cheese


Ici, on ne peut pas parler en anglais

You’ve gotta learn new expressions so you know how to say

Je veux fumer une cigarette

Madame, avez-vous un briquet?

Puis-je avoir un cendrier?

Monsieur, l’addition, s’il vous plait

Learn it’s who you’re with, it’s not where you are

Spend your year walking, don’t you drive a car

Backpack many countries, learn the meaning of far

Because soon the journey ends, go tell your family and your friends (refrain)!


Kumasi and Accra! Oui, je les ai vus déjà

Then there’s Machu Picchu, where history will greet you

Thailand and Japan, in Liverpool I’ll hold your hand

The ruins, coliseum, babe you know you got  to see them

Stone hedge, the great wall, the pyramids, the Taj Mahal

Eiffel tower, wildlife, the red light district late at night

Open up your mind, let your soul breathe

Save up your pennies, buy a ticket with me 

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


There’ll be bumps in the road when the light ahead seems dim

Every last muscle will ache to give in

The mind knows what’s right, while the heart wants to win

Raise that white flag with pride

We all know you tried

As sure as things end, they begin


Refrain: That doesn’t mean taking time will come easy

It’s hard being lost, so keep faith you’ll be found

Be inspired to dream higher, till you’re in the clouds and your arms are tired

There’s nothing here holding you down


When you’re riding the wave and find out you’re being played

How you crash to the surface down below

Keep your head high; you’ve still bright days save

Come up for air, you’ll find another wave (refrain)


Mr. Romantic, with your paradise lost

Listen to the earth; celebrate your birth

In the end your eyes will open and examining the cost

You’ll see you’ve lost track of your worth


Be inspired to dream higher, till you’re in the clouds and your arms are tired

Babe, there’s nothing here holding you down.

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


Your majesty to my delight you’ve asked me to perform tonight

To sing you songs about faraway places I have traveled

And, you’re expecting, I’ve no doubt

A show that you can brag about

Instead, it’s time you come down from your throne to taste the gravel

Now that I have your attention, can you spare a couple minutes?

Let me tell you about your kingdom and the people who are living in it


You think there’s music, think there’s laughter

Lots of happily ever after’s

Completely unaware of the conspiracy prepared

You’re highness, how they want you dead

And of course, you had no idea after all those compliments you’ve been fed

I think it’s time you know the truth

They say you’re weakened by your youth


People are talking; you have too much control they say

I hate to inform you, but I figured that I’d warn you before they came

Let me tell you how it started, it began with the war

Everyone would ask what you were fighting for

Power hungry, they’d say

“If only there were more soldiers,” you had said

“It would ensure we’ll with our enemy dead”

Obedient servants obeyed


We left the power in your hands

You guaranteed we’d keep our land

Proclaiming we’d have what it would take

Your highness, you’ve made a mistake


You must be down; you took off your crown

You still have time before they come around

Hurry, before it’s too late

This morning there was an episode

About a mile from your castle, on a dusty road

My body growing weak, I laid down my load

As I was offered wine to celebrate


I asked the man to inform me the occasion

He spoke how you’d be overthrown with an invasion

Exclaiming that they have what it takes

You know, I hate to say this your highness but I feel like you made a mistake






He led me to a field full of peasants who were gathered in a circle

They were chanting and waving their pitchforks in the air

You could tell they were ready for a battle

Some were drawing out logistics

While others were on their knees in prayer

They’re prepared


Late in the night, when clouds hide the moonlight

They’ll arrive

They’ll get what they crave; they’ll bury you in your grave

Still alive


They’ll attack your front gate with a small brigade

The rest will be hidden, waiting to invade

Throwing your soldiers off guard

When the back post is clear, an angry mob will appear

You’ll understand your final hours are quickly drawing nearer

How unfortunate you are


There’s no time to pack your things

You hear the clock, eight strikes it rings

We’re both aware the sun is going down

Off to your carriage, hurry and leave town


You now understand they’ll reclaim their land

Power equally divided to every man

Your obliged servant gives you his sword

Before you go, though, I must plead

I’m a struggling jongleur with a family to feed

And now I’ve saved you’re life, such a noble deed

It’s only fair I receive my reward


Let me stay in the castle to claim what I deserve

You know, I heard about the riches you’ve got locked up your reserve, lady

What’s this you say to me?

You’re saying it’s the key?

You won’t regret the day we met

Fare thee well, now you must flee


She said she wanted entertainment, little did she know

In the comfort of her home I put on one of my best shows

A fish, she took the bait

But she’ll return it won’t be long

By then it will be too late

She’ll return to find her riches gone and

I’ll have gone astray

Wealthy from my one man play

Years from now they’ll still know my name

Teaching your kids about the jongleur who tricked our queen and got away. 

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


A large crowd had gathered in the orchard on the hill

Illuminated by the moon, anticipation growing

Waiting the arrival of a prophecy fulfilled

Singing to the flutist playing around the fire glowing

About the time the dancing gypsy dropped her tambourine

A blind man on the stone, he pointed with his cane

Emerging from the dark, a girl, the first he’d seen

Instructs the crowd to all sit down

Her muddy rags become a gown

Slowly, she begins to explain


Refrain: “I am not the one that you’re waiting for

I have been sent to forewarn

So, I’ll make it short:

What he’ll teach, they’ll distort with their faulty lies

I apologize

This is the Gospel, according to those who believe

Live the creed: Be it love, love be it”


Thus, the word of God from this messenger he sent

Slowly rising from the ground, she went on to tell her story

Soon the chosen one would come to take embodiment

Of the love that he’ll embed into his allegories

But future generations will lose touch and they’ll reform

Claiming if you’re different you are someone to condone

What’s it to you?

No harm done in refusing to confirm

There’s not a perfect one among us, drop your stones

Alleluia (refrain)


Old man time, if you don’t mind

I’d like the past you placed behind

Help me help them


Though his time is drawing nearer

Here to paint the picture clearer


This is the Gospel, according to those who believe

Live the creed: Be it love, love be it

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


Minus Six
Kevin Carton


We can stay up late and drink some wine

It’s time you hear what’s on my mind

The power’s out

There are more important things than paying bills on time

Now the paint is chipping off of the walls in this old loft

As the candle dances, rest your eyes

I’ll play my music soft


Having been alone so long I’ve sought solace writing songs

With enlightenment, I’ve construalized a world where I belong

Letting go, I freed my past

Built a stage and hired a cast

As you walked onto the set I knew I’d found my star


At last your solo swells

The spotlight yells “This is the lead! See how she’s glowing?”

Never knowing as you’re carried by the pit below

You steal the show


So here it is, I’ll lay it out

Remove the mask that hides the doubt

Having wandered from the path

I’ve struggled clearing my own route

While I’ve tripped along the way

I’ve kept trekking everyday

Hoping in the end our eyes would meet


Then you’d fall for the stray

Who thrives on the humanities and falling leaves

And chasing all those crazy dreams

Now here we are

Don’t be afraid to let it be

Stay with me


I see you’re growing sleepy

Off to your dreams, I’ll sing sweetly

Rock-a-bye, let soothing waves of reverie

Drift you to sea. 

Minus Six
Kevin Carton


L’oiseau enfuit


L’ oiseau s’enfuit

Le moment que je l'aperçois

J'entends qu’il rit

Comme il s'échappe au bois

Et deploye ses ailes

une idée existentielle

qui le pousse


Loin du fardeau de l'amour

Il prend soin de lui-même tout d’abord

Il n'est plus intéressé par souvenirs du passé

Ils lui rendent fou


Dans la nuit, j’entends les appels de lui

Je me lève de mes rêves

La chanson qu'il projette remplit ma tête avec bruit

Aux nuages

Il libère lui-même de sa cage

Je suis heureux pour eux

qui trouvent ce qu'ils veulent

qui ne restent pas naufragé

Pour bien sentir

On doit découvrir

Il faut qu’on quitte le nid

Mais quand tu es parti

Pour ton vrai paradis

Tu m'as laissé un cœur tout vide


The Fleeing Bird


The bird fled

The moment I catch a glimpse

I hear him laugh

As he escapes to the woods

And spreads his wings

An existential idea that pushes him


Far from the burden of love

He takes care of himself first and foremost

He is no longer interested in memories from the past

They drive him crazy


In the night, I hear the calls from him

I wake from dreams

The song that he projects fills my head with noise

To the clouds

He frees himself from his cage

I’m happy for those who find what they want,

Who do not remain shipwrecked


In order to feel

One must discover

It is necessary to leave the nest

But when you left

For your true paradise

You left me with an empty heart