Minus Six


Whisper me the secrets of this world left unexplored...
A guitarless rock band may seem strange at first, but the piano, bass, drums, and sax group, Minus Six, have proven they can derive an impressive rock sound despite not having a guitar, thus leading to the band’s name Minus Six. Minus Six is a pop/rock orientated group that draws influences from many styles. They fill their concerts with inspired original music and use their unique style and contagious energy to play hits from the present and the past. A Minus Six concert is an experience for everyone. Thanks to the many fans who participate at exciting shows filled with singing and dancing.
Minus Six has bee playing since May 2003. They write and arrange all their own compositions and have recorded 4 studio albums and 1 live album. With the help of local friend Phil Schaefer, they recorded their first album “Overdue”, released in June of 2004. They recorded their second album, “Some Things Change”, on Music Row with producer friend Joe Hand, in Nashville, TN, which was released in August of 2005. The group returned to Nashville, to the prestigious Omni Studios, once again with producer friend Joe Hand on Music Row in August of 2006 to record their third album, “Hidden Deep in the Green”, which was released in January of 2007. Minus Six first live CD was recorded at The Redstone Room on July 28th, 2012 with the help of Manuel Lopez III and was released in December 2012. The bands recent album, "Come Out From Where You Hide" was recording at The Terrarium studio in Minneapolis, MN with the help of Jason Orris and Rob Oesterlin and was released in November 2013. The band has played hundreds of shows, mainly across Illinois and Iowa, but has made it to Wisconsin and Nebraska. They came out of the high school coffee house scene in the early days, to move strongly into the regional college circuit by 2006. From the home town bar scene at the Rock Island Brewing Co, to just down river at Muscatine, Iowa’s Missipi Brewing Co., to Iowa Cities various bar scene, to private parties and weddings, to many summer festivals, to all the college events at Augustana College, St. Ambrose University, University of Iowa, Loras College, Concordia University, Palmer College, and the University of Illinois, the shows are always a hit.